CHTU Updates

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Monitor Update - 4.13.17 Lay-Offs

Dear Monitor Colleagues,
Well, the administration seems to be trying the "nuclear option" for monitor lay-offs this year.  The slightly good news is that they could have reduced 9 positions and ONLY did 7.

CHTU Update - Lay-Offs 4.11.17

Dear Colleagues,
Yesterday, administration cut 13 Teaching positions resulting in the lay off of 9 people (retirements, resignations, and transfers helped reduce the number of people affected).  They also reduced 7 monitor positions affecting 6 people.  5 of the teacher positions and 1 monitor position were cut because our district will not be servicing Bellefaire school.

Negotiations Update #3 Wages and Benefits - 12.7.16

Dear Colleagues,


So far I have tried to lay out what we have agreed upon in negotiations as well as some areas where we have differences.  Specifically, in the last update I spoke to evaluation, training, and time.

Negotiations Update #1 December 1, 2016 Agreements

Dear Colleagues,

Negotiations started up again on Monday, November 26 and Wednesday November 30.  We learned a lot at these two sessions and will start publishing specifics about where we stand.  Unfortunately, we are not finished.  We next meet January 5 and 11.

CHTU Update - 9.29.16 Oct 7 Lit Drop

Dear Colleagues,
This fall CHUH voters will have a chance to vote for a much needed school levy.  It is in our best interest to help get information out to CHUH voters to help pass this levy.  Please help.