CHTU Updates

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Summer Update 7.21.17

Dear Colleagues,
We are sure everyone is enjoying time away from school. Here are a few things that are going on that you should know about.
School Board Race: Our Executive Board authorized officers and members of the mobilization team to endorse school board candidates over the summer. Our group met and agreed to fully endorse Dan Heintz for school board. We will meet for a second round to determine if there are other candidates to endorse.

CHTU Update 5.12.17 Last Day and Insurance

Dear Colleagues,

Hopefully you have had a great weekend and are not reading this until Monday.

Two areas to report on:  Last Day Procedures and Insurance Improvements:


Starting this year, teachers do not have to come to work on the last contractual day.  Each building has a checklist and everyone should be able to be done on June 1.


Monitor Update - 4.13.17 Lay-Offs

Dear Monitor Colleagues,
Well, the administration seems to be trying the "nuclear option" for monitor lay-offs this year.  The slightly good news is that they could have reduced 9 positions and ONLY did 7.