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CHTU Update - Febrary 23, 2019 ACTION!

Dear Colleagues,
EdChoice vouchers take millions of dollars from our schools each year.  The state recently changed the rules to include the high school in EdChoice eligibility for next school year.  We bring in less money from the last levy than goes out in these privatization effort!

CHTU Update - Feb 11, 2019 Pref Forms, Red T's, Book Discussion

Dear Colleagues,
Look for preference forms by February 25.  It will be a google form.  HR does not have to honor your request, but it is worth making your wishes known.
We are now taking pre-orders for Red CHTU T-Shirts.  They will sport the regular CHTU logo in white against a red t-shirt.  We have long-sleeves, unisex and a women's cut.  Follow the link for the paper form or to pay using paypal.