FAQ - Retirement Enhancement years 28, 29, 30

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There was a time when STRS calculated final average salary on a member's best three years.  There was a time when teachers could retire at 30 years.  We created a retirement enhancement in 2004 so it is in our contract but helps few members boost their retirement income as intended, even though we have tried to update it through negotiations.

The retirement enhancement provision that grants an additional $1,150 in salary per year to those members who have worked in our district for at least ten years and are in their 28th, 29th, or 30th year of STRS service (regardless of prior service in other districts). You are not required to retire to qualify for the enhancement.  

In October you should have received your annual statement from STRS or you can print out your statement by setting up an online account from STRS. The STRS statement of account covers all years of service credit up to June 30 of the last school year. If your statement indicates that you have at least 27 years of service but less than 30, you are eligible for the $1,150 and the Human Resources Department needs to be so informed by November 15th.   Keep in mind that you must apply each year that you are eligible to receive the enhancement. 
If you need a letter, you can use the one attached to this article (you may need to change the year).  Please read the memo, follow the instructions, and respond on the tear slip at the bottom. 
Questions? Call the Union Office.
Ari Klein, President

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