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CHTU Update - March 11, 2011

                                                                                                          March 11, 2011

To All CHTU Members:
1. A Bloomberg National Poll just out finds that 64 percent of Americans, including a plurality of Republicans, oppose Republican-led efforts to take away the right of workers to bargain for good middle-class jobs. The poll also finds public employees are viewed favorably by a large majority: 72 percent, compared with 17 percent who have an unfavorable view.
Sixty-three percent of respondents, including 55 percent of Republicans, say states without enough money to pay for all the pension benefits they have promised to current retirees shouldn’t be able to break those obligations.
In addition, 63 percent of those surveyed, including a majority of Democrats and Independents, say corporations wield more political clout than unions—an imbalance in the checks and balances process that the public undoubtedly understands will only worsen when anti-worker bills backed by governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin and John Kasich in Ohio become law.
2. Jim Miller, a Heights High science teacher will be working with scientists from Cornell University in Barrow, Alaska for 2 months observing microbial activity in the thawing permafrost. Jim was selected as one of only twelve teachers, out of 250 applicants, throughout the country to participate in PolarTREC; an educational research experience in which K-12 teachers participate in polar research, working closely with scientists as a pathway to improving science education.  Congratulations, Jim!
Tom Schmida, President