Union Services

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Your Union Is Your Voice


The strength of our Union lies with our members.  We speak with one voice and your voice matters. Along with 99.8% of your colleagues our strength in collective action allows you to control your own professional destiny by:


  • Voting- in approving or rejecting negotiated agreements and in electing officers and building stewards.


  • Political Action-Supporting and working for Union endorsed candidates and issues as well as having our state and national affiliates working for our interests in Columbus and DC.




  • Representation on District Committees.
  • Negotiating insurance benefits and carriers
  • Processing insurance claims and helping solve insurance problems.
  • Arranging Leaves (Pregnancy/Maternity, Adoption, Professional, Etc.)
  • Retirement planning assistance
  • College loan/student debt clinics
  • Placement For non-renewals - rehires
  • Access to union research based professional development (ER&D)
  • Union leadership training
  • Free College Benefit (link)
  • Arranging disability payments
  • Arranging life insurance payments
  • Representation at Workers’ Compensation hearings
  • $1,000,000 Professional Liability Insurance PLUS The AFT Legal Action Trust
  • Representation at PTA.
  • Enforcing and revising discipline policy
  • Notary Public available
  • Union Banquet/Spring Social/Social Events
  • Discounts, including cell plans through AT&T and auto, home and renters insurance through AFT Advantage/Union Plus