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LOU-Hybrid Learning

This letter of Understanding (LOU) is entered into by the Cleveland Heights Teachers Union (CHTU) and the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education (Board), collectively known as the parties, this

CHTU COVID Survey Results - July 2020

We sent out a survey to our members about COVID-19 and working conditions.  We recieved 303 responses to our 15 questions, 4 of which were extended response/comments.

See Survey Results (LINK)

November 2018 - Clutch

This was sent out to members based on their state house district.  We have paired the State House, State Senate, and US Congressional races.  Please find your State House race first.  Use the link in the first paragraph if you need to know what district you are in.

The CLUTCH  (click here to see who won)

Calendar Survey - September 2017

A Calendar Survey was given in September 2017 for inpu into the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school calendars. 

A brief summary of the 291 responses appears below.  To read the whole report with comments, click here.


Which of these choices is the best start date for the school year for students?

One week before Labor Day