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Heights Observer Articles

Links to news articles published by the Heights Observer from our local:

August 2020:  Returning to school during the pandemic

June 2020: Education funding is in crisis

April 2020:  HiberNation

March 2020:  The value of teachers' work

February 2020:  Truth in our school funding numbers

January 2020:  Class size matters

December 2019:  Participation in fall musical teaches students essential skills

November 2019: State funding results in losses for CH-UH

October 2019: Classroom technology over time

September 2019: Former union leader recalls Wiley Wildcat Strike

August 2019: Teachers often worry about time away from classrooms

July 2019:  What we have lost

June 2019:  Students are more than the core

May 2019:  There's no rhyme or reason in school testing and funding 

April 2019:  District's specialty staff provide important services to students

March 2019:  Students need opportunities to find and pursue their passions.

February 2019: A wish list for the new superintendent

January 2019:  Changing the testing culture

December 2018:  Teachers union members are committed to community

November 2018: Ohio's test-driven culture has unintended consequences

October 2018:Teaching in hot classrooms

September 2018:Summer should end with Labor Day

August 2018:Training we could all benefit from

July 2018:  Vouchers take money from public school students

June 2018:  Analyzing median teacher salaries

May 2018:  Protecting public education through local collective bargaining

April 2018:  A month of testing (or April is the cruelest month)

March 2018:  Learning and teaching in scouting

February 2018:  CHUH Schools:  always innovating

January 2018:  Shop Local.  Learn Local.  Choose Public.

December 2017: What it's like to teach in the new high school

November 2017: Balancing individual needs with state requirements is not easy

October 2017:  AFT President visits CHUH schools

September 2017:  Needed:  More students taking career technical classes

August 2017:  Experiences are key to learning

July 2017:  CHUH BOE should be able to hear directly from all school stakeholders.

June 2017:  Staffing decisions should prioritize connections and stability

May 2017:  Short-Term benefit shouldn't outweigh potential harm of Ohio Senate Bill 85

April 2017:  Teachers union draws on parent input in contract negotiations

March 2017:  It's Hard To Recommend Teaching As A Profession

January 2017:  How CHUH district evaluates its teachers

December 2016:  A School Nurse's Job is Complex and Essential

November 2016: Setting Growth Targets For Students

October 2016: A Teacher Suggests Ways To Help Your Student

September 2016: We have a chance to speak out against too much testing

August 2016:  CHTU Provides Summer Professional Development For members

July 2016:  How My Family Views Education in the Heights

June 2016:  We must retain and attract school district employees

May 2016:  An argument against standadization in education

April 2016: Public Money for Schools is Lining Private Pockets

March 2016: CH Teachers Union embarks on listening initiative

February 2016:  Making the case for Tiger Nation

January 2016:  Teachers Union Promotes Consumer Awareness

December 2015:  CH-UH schools seek to offer more wrap-around services

November 2015 - Making Ohio a Right to Work state could weaken CHTU

October 2015 - Teacher Shortages are Predictable

September 2015 - Ohio's State Report Card Does Not Measure What Counts

August 2015 - Back to School Tips for Parents

July 2015 - Oxford Elementary First Grade Teacher Betty Miller Retires

AFT Members Pivotal to Big Hillary Clinton Wins

Union members and supporters from across the country came together Tuesday night to send the resounding message that only Hillary Clinton has what it takes to deliver real change for working people and break down the barriers holding our nation back. See more.

Attacks on workers' rights halted

OFT applauds the House Finance Committee for stopping attacks on workers' rights by removing amendments eliminating collective bargaining and pensions for some teachers. The bill was approved by the House April 22 without those SB 5-like provisions and now goes to the Senate.