CHTU Summer Update #2 - June 23, 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying off school email unless you are involved in summer school. Please read through some important updates since our last one.

Salary Schedules 

Although our contract is not available,  we wanted to provide you with updated salary schedules for your records.  Please use this link for the salary schedules for the next three school years.

AU  Concern - Pay Dates 

On June 21 we filed an Administration Union Concern around payroll dates for 2022-23  and the  following school year.  We were sent an email from the payroll department stating that there will  be 27 pay dates next school year.  VP Underhile started working on the CHTU Survival Guide and discovered that there should not be 27 pays, as there is not a third month with a third pay date  as we were led to believe by the Finance Department.  When we made an inquiry with the payroll supervisor we were informed  that the last pay in August of 2023 would be the final pay for this 2021-22 school year. This new information creates several problems.  

New steps/salary advancement/and education lanes would not take effect until September.

The first pay of the new school year would actually be the final pay for the 2022-2023 school year.

New staff and monitors will not receive a paycheck until three weeks after the first day of work.

All of this is unacceptable.  We understood when we accepted 26 pays that there would be years when 27 pays were needed, but we disagree on the need for it this coming year.  We believe Payroll wants to use the July 1- June 30  fiscal year rather than the school year for determining when there will be 27 pays. You should be fully paid for the previous school year before the new school year begins.  Summer pay is simply your salary spread out over time. 

We await a response from the administration for a hearing date .


The 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 calendars are available on the district website. There are changes from last year that are the result of the negotiations .   

The first day of the 2022-2023 school year for 192 day employees and our Monitors is Thursday, August 18.  This day is no longer an Independent Work Day, but is a virtual and remote PD day for teachers.  Teachers  will need to log in for virtual PD, but can do so from the location of their choice.  

Friday, August 19th is also a PD day.  The location for the PD is not confirmed at this time.

Convocation is scheduled for the morning of Monday, August 22.  The afternoon is Independent Work Time, which means you may work from the location of your choice on  as needed.  You cannot be required to attend meetings, and you do not have to report the nature of your work. 

CHTU Committees

Would you like to be more involved in your union?  We are looking for members to join our standing committees.  The committees this year are:

Publicity/Public Relations


Civil and Human Rights

Education Issues



If you would like to join one of our committees, please email President Rego at

In Union,
Karen Rego
CHTU President