CHTU Summer Update #4 - July 26, 2022

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Essential Training

Last week BLT, DLT, Equity Task force members, and Ed Services received an email from district administration mandating  “essential training” on August 2nd and 3rd.  The pertinent  language in our contract reads as follows:

Members must be notified of the requirement to attend such professional development at least 4 months in advance which may be waived by the member. The details of any professional development will be provided as soon as possible. 

The district failed to give 4 month notice as required by the contract  so this training  can not be mandatory.  In addition, there is no contractual requirement  to complete this training in order to be a BLT member.  If you choose  to attend on August 2nd and 3rd it is voluntary and compensated.  If you choose not to  attend the district will need to find another time to offer this training.  

PD/Convocation Day

200 day employees' first day of work is August 15.  The first day of the school year for 192 day employees and our Monitors is Thursday, August 18.  This day is no longer an Independent Work Day, but is a virtual and remote PD day for all 795 staff.  Teachers will need to log in for virtual PD, but can do so from the location of their choice.  

Friday, August 19th is also a PD day.  The location for the PD is not confirmed at this time.

Convocation is scheduled for the morning of Monday, August 22. At this time we have not been informed if it will be virtual or in person.  The afternoon is Independent Work Time, which means you may work from the location of your choice.  You cannot be required to attend meetings, and you do not have to report the nature of your work. 

Elementary Security

During the final week of the 2021-22 school year, many of our members signed petitions supporting a resolution to hire security monitors for all buildings.  We currently have 3 elementary buildings without security monitors.  Given the climate and incidents of violence  it is imperative that the Board of Education devote the resources to make our schools as safe as possible.  The superintendent and the BOE members have received our petition with your  signatures along with the resolution.  They are in agreement with us that more security is needed and they are looking into possible solutions.  

August 2 Primary

The August 2 Primary Election has several races to consider.  Please double check your polling location before election day, and consider viewing a sample ballot. Our Union has not endorsed in any of the primary contests, however we will be making several endorsements in the November general election.  

Board of Elections Links:

Ashtabula County

Cuyahoga County 

Geauga County       

Lake County

Lorain County

Medina County

Portage County

Summit County

In Union,
Karen Rego
CHTU President