CHTU Update - 12.12.19 - ER changes

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Dear Colleagues,

In January our negotiated changes will be in place for our medical plan.
The most important change to understand is the non-emergency use of an Emergency Room and Emergency Room Physician will have a $100 co-pay.
The co-pay will be applied based on the medical coding for the ER visit.  Use the chart in this link to gives some direction around when to use the ER versus an Urgent Care, Convenience Clinic, Primary Care Physician or Nurse Line.  Remember that we also have the telemedicine as another choice for care.  Basically, if you go to the ER because you have a cold then you will pay $100.  If you go to the ER because you are having serious chest pains then you will not (even if turns out to be gas). 
It is also helpful to periodically search for network Urgent Care and Convenience Clinics as these facilities go in and out of network.  The MMO mobile app is very helpful in finding network providers or you can search online at
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President