CHTU Update 3.9.21 Rx update

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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you have found some balance in this hybrid environment. The students that have returned seem to be adjusting, and hopefully, they are glad to be back in your classrooms.  If you can believe it, we are almost in the 4th quarter.  Somehow this school year felt neverending, and yet it moved on so quickly.  I know I am anxious for all this to end and just return to  “normal”.  So much has changed for all of us this year, and you adjusted like true professionals.   


New insurance deduction:

This month you will see the new negotiated insurance deduction from your pay.  This deduction is based on a percentage of the cost of insurance to the Board.


If your Regular Salary is:


  • Less than $35,622 then the annual premium is $980 single/$2,645 family (Teachers $41/$110 per check - Monitors $50/$132 per check)


  • Between $35,640 and and less than $62,340 then annual premium is $1,089 single/$2,939 family  (Teachers $45/$122 per check - Monitors $54/$147 per check)


  • $62,341 and higher then annual premium is $1,197 single/$3,233 family (Teachers $50/$135 per check - Monitors $60/$162 per check)


Teachers have this deduction from 24 checks.  Monitors have this deduction from 20 checks.


4th quarter “back to normal”?:

What will the 4th quarter look like?  The LOU expires at the end of the third quarter and 4th quarter begins after spring break and it’s looking more and more likely that we will return to a 5 day a week in-person model.  There are still many unknowns at this time, but we should be prepared to report 5 days a week.  I expect the students will still have options.  Perhaps we will learn more in the coming weeks.  


Synthroid Explanation:

Synthroid is a brand-name medication that many people require instead of a generic.  Many questions have arisen around how members have been charged at the pharmacy. Follow these guidelines if you have a prescription for Synthroid:

Synthroid is a multi-source brand medication, and therefore a $50 copayment applies when filled at retail (for a 30-day supply). 

o   However, the total cost of Synthroid at one particular pharmacy is $28.  At another, it was reported at $40. 

o   When the cost of a medication is less than the copay, the member is charged the lower amount, which was $28 for one member and $40 for another.


·                 Mail Order: 

o   Under the new plan, a 90-day supply of medication can only be obtained by using mail order. 

o   A member can transfer to Express Scripts mail pharmacy to obtain a 90-day supply of Synthroid, but there are a few cost considerations:

§  There is a $100 copay for multi-source brand drugs

§  Express Scripts’s mail order pharmacy estimates the total cost of this medication to be about $78, so members would pay the lower cost of $78

§  However, there is a caveat with respect to Synthroid – medical mutual stated that Express Scripts mail-order does not carry the generic version of Synthroid, so the only brand can be dispensed.

·        If the script is written without “DAW” (Dispense As Written) on it, the brand Synthroid will be dispensed, but only the $10 generic copay will apply

·        For members who would like to transfer this script to mail, they should ask their doctor to write a new 90-day script without DAW on it, and contact Express Scripts at 800-417-1961 for instructions on getting this transferred to mail. 

o   Keep in mind, this situation is unique to this particular drug, and there’s no guarantee that mail-order will continue to have only brand available.


In Union,

Karen Rego

CHTU President