CHTU Update 6/30/20

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I hope you are all enjoying your summer as we quickly approach the 4th of July weekend.  We have a lot going on here at the office between negotiations, re-entry plans and member issues. I hope you read your negotiations update from Ari last week.  If someone says to you they are not getting this email tell them to check their spam.  We use Mailchimp and some emails put it directly into your spam folder.

CHUH Health Plan Benefits related to COVID-19.
All testing, treatments and telehealth visits are covered under our plan just as any other service would be.


You may have been following the cases in the Supreme Court over the last few weeks.  The decisions  were positive when it came to many rights around LGBTQ, womens’ health, and imigration rights.  Unfortunately, the Espinoza v. Montana case on school funding for religious schools did not go as we had hoped.  The impact on CH-UH may be minimal given the damage we suffer from Ed. Choice vouchers, but for the rest of the country  the door is wide open to fund religious schools with tax dollars, and it’s just another attack on public education and unions.

Re-Entry News:

The news is we don’t have a lot of news.  Elementary and secondary re-entry committee meetings have been happening.  Right now it seems that we may have a blended model along with an all online choice. However, this may change with the guidelines that come from the governor. There are many questions that we have around the safety of our staff and students.  So many questions around cleaning, quarantining, scheduling just to name a few.   

Board Meeting Guidelines:

We often have members that speak at a CHUH School Board meeting for issues that affect our members or students.  We created a guide to speaking at a board meeting on our website. We suggest using this guide prior to signing up to speak at a board meeting.

Student Loan Program
Because you are an AFT member,  you are entitled to  a free subscription to Summer, a trusted online platform that can help you simplify and navigate your student loan situation. Summer is an easy-to-use online platform that will check your eligibility across dozens of federal and state loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Based on your loan and financial situation, the Summer team will then help you enroll in a new plan.

 You can use Summer to:

 ✓ Lower your payments

✓ Apply for loan forgiveness

✓ Access expert guidance and support

Use this link to AFT benefits to get started!

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