CHTU Update - 8.19.20 Opening Day

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Dear Colleagues,

Well, we finally made it to the first day back at work for this challenging start of the 2020-21 school year.  I know many of you are already hard at work preparing your actual classrooms, virtual classrooms, and planning for your students.  I have complete confidence in our members to tackle this year head-on and continue your stellar work. I want to update you on a few issues as we move forward.



The Letter of Understanding (LOU) relating to on-line instruction is nearing completion.  I have daily meetings with Superintendent Kirby, and she has been responsive to the feedback that has come from many of you.  It’s important we get the LOU  right, and that our members know what is expected of them as virtual school gets underway.  We start the new school year Thursday and the LOU will not be quite finished on that day.  We will schedule a Local 795  Executive Board meeting to vote on final approval.  However, the LOU focuses on the days we will be teaching our students and does not affect the beginning of the year meetings and PD.  You should receive a staff meeting invite from your principal for Thursday, August 20th, and Friday is convocation.   


Normal Work Day During a Pandemic:

During the shutdown in the spring teachers often felt they were on the clock all day every day.  This should never happen.  You have a normal workday even when you are teaching remotely.  You are not required to update attendance, contact families, answer student questions, or any other duty after your workday is over.  We understand teachers put in work outside their normal workday, but nothing is required of you outside of work hours. Family and personal health are very important, especially during this challenging time.


New Hires:

This year we have 6 new hires.  Being a new hire is always challenging, and this year is especially difficult.  Please help our new hires feel welcomed and supported as we navigate through this year.  


New Hire 



Veronica Adams 



Felicia Buday

Intervention Specialist

Roxboro Middle

Marcus Bush

Intervention Specialist

Roxboro Middle

Brooke Cicerchi

Intervention Specialist


Allison Factor

Intervention Specialist


Abigail Pratt

Math 7-12



In Union,

Karen Rego

CHTU President