CHTU Update 8.5.20 - Re-opening

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Dear Colleagues,

So much has changed since our last update.  We are relieved that the BOE came to the decision to start the school year remotely for all of our staff and students.  We believe this is the only way to ensure the safety of everyone in our schools.  At last night’s board meeting they decided that we would be remote for 9 weeks.


Going Remote

We are hammering out an agreement on working conditions for the period of remote teaching.  We believe that our current contract addresses most of our working conditions on meetings, schedules and work hours.  However, working remotely has some challenges with which we need agreement with administration before the start of the school year. 


ADA Letters Related to COVID

If you are eligible for ADA accommodations related to COVID you should still have your doctor’s note submitted to Dr. Lombardo even though we are starting the year working virtually.  It is possible that at some point we will be working in-person again and you may need an ADA accommodation to work remotely.  


FAQ’s from Webinar

We had so many great questions that came up during our webinar.  We were going to compile all the questions and create an FAQ with responses. However, the majority of the questions were based on the safety of students and staff while working in our buildings.  These safety concerns will need to be addressed prior to our return to in-person teaching if they are still relevant. 


In Union,

Karen Rego

CHTU President