CHTU Update - 9/13/2021

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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are all finally settling into your routines as we approach the first progress reporting period  of the school year.  A week ago it seemed there was no chance we would shut down  or move to  virtual instruction.  A week later districts around us, as well as  our own, are making contingency plans in the event we shut down in person teaching and go virtual.  

Covid Protocols

We have heard that there are many violations of the district covid protocols.  Please report violations on our Union covid form.   Once completed you can give these forms to your steward, and they will be delivered to administration.  Masking is a board policy please use office referrals and setting level behavior log as needed.  

Professional Development

It’s important to know your contractual rights when it comes to PD that is scheduled  by the district.   Even if PD is required by state or federal law it does not mean that any administrator can just decide that teachers need to complete this PD without complying with the language of our contract. There are several ways the administration can offer  PD. If you are asked to complete PD without being provided a PD day, approved PD by TAP for a staff meeting, or voluntary and compensated outside of the normal work day  it’s not okay for administration to request your attendance or participation.  If we allow it once, this kind of complete disregard for our contract will continue.

Walk for Wishes

Saturday October 2 is the annual Walk-For-Wishes at the zoo.  Please consider joining your building team.  If your building does not yet have a team you can make one here through the CHTU page.  Once we have a child we will share that information with all of you.  It’s a fun free event at the zoo.  We encourage everyone to join a team or make a donation!


In Union,

Karen Rego 

CHTU President