CHTU Update - December 3, 2019 FSA, IPA and Subs

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Dear Colleagues,

The push is on as we close in on winter break!   A few items:
Flexible Spending Account:  If you have medical or other benefit costs that are not covered by our plans (lasik surgery, orthodontia above $3,300, expensive glasses, or co-pays)  or have childcare or eldercare expenses (from a qualified provider) than you should consider enrolling in a Flexible Spending Account (IRS 125) for 2020.  You can have money deducted pre-tax from your pay and use it to cover these expenses.
The open enrollment will be December 9-20.  We will post and send documents as soon as we get them.
Here is an article that may be a little out of date, but contains the general information (link)
Substitutes:  We continue to bring up the lack of substitutes to the attention of administration.  This year the number of classrooms without a substitutes has tripled over the last few years.  Keep track of the time you cover classes and make sure you get paid properly.  If you know anyone who might be willing and capable of substituting you should suggest they sign up.  We need more people.
Independent Professional Activity Day:  The first IPA day will be included in the upcoming pay period.  It is equivalent to one day's pay that occurs twice a year.  
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President