CHTU Update - January 23, 2020 - Espinoza V Montana

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Dear Colleagues,

How bad does it have to get?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court started hearing arguments on the most recent attack on public funding of education. Espinoza Vs. Montana Department of Revenue is the case that, if the lower court’s decision is overturned, would compel states to fund private and religious schools the same as they fund public schools. You heard it. This would create smaller pieces of the pie for 90% of students across the country who attend public schools. The war on public education just escalated.

As if EdChoice Vouchers have not already created an existential crisis for our district, this case could turn everything upside down and not in our favor.

We do not expect a decision until late spring/early summer, but it is important to be knowledgeable about this issue and start spreading our information on social media so that people get angry.

Here are some articles for you to read to be better informed.

Here are some hashtags to use:

Be informed. Look for information. Educate family and friends.

In Union,

Ari Klein

CHTU President