CHTU Update - November 19, 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

Kindergarten teachers are meeting next week to modify their assessment calendar.  This is a huge success.  Thanks to all who showed support.  When we stand as one we are stronger.
The first two weeks of December are the enrollment period for Flexible Spending Accounts for the 2019 calendar year.  This means you can lower your taxable income for eligible expenses.  One part is for eligible child/elder care - why not pay for that expense pre-tax?  The other part is for unpaid out of pocket medical expenses.  For instance, lasik surgery, orthodontia or dental work over our $3,300 limits, co-pays on prescription drugs, etc.  Start thinking ahead about your 2019 expenses to see if this benefit makes sense for you.  Here is an article (although some of it may be out of date)
In December Karen and I will be holding Union Comes to You lunches.  Be on the lookout for scheduling and sign ups.  Our goal is to focus is on what we want to bring to the negotiating table this school year.  We need to hear from you so we can be prepared.
Have a wonderful and well-deserved few days off.