CHTU Update - Voucher education January 6, 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year.
Tomorrow at 7 PM the Heights Coalition for Public Education is training anyone interested in taking our Voucher Funding slideshow on the road to present to your own organizations.  For a preview take a look at the Slideshow Toolkit at which includes the slideshow, the slideshow with narration, an accompanying handout, as well as a video of the slideshow narrated by yours truly.  This will be at our office at the Coventry Peace Campus 2843 Washington Blvd.
We also urge you to attend the district run voucher education piece on Thursday, January 9 at 7 PM at the high school. 
Vouchers are negatively impacting many districts across the state, but in CHUH we are disproportionately affected.  Without vouchers there would be no need for a levy in March 2020.  We need to be knowledgeable.
Also, please register for the winter ER&D offering Managing Anti-Social Behavior offered on Wednesdays starting February 5th held at the high school.  Link
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President