January 2017

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ARC (Appraisal Review Committee): December 12 meeting cancelled.  Next meeting January 23.  Need to look at the intervention support program for second semester.


Cuyahoga County Educators Summit (CCES) – meeting planned for January 12.


DLT (District Leadership Team):  DLT Steering meeting is January 19.  DLT is February 1.


ER&D: Managing Anti-Social Behavior is running Wednesdays at Delisle.


INSURANCE: Nothing new since November 2 meeting.


MASTER TEACHER:  There are six Master Teacher candidates and five renewals. Candidates are attending monthly support sessions for assistance with their portfolios. Candidates and renewals have until the first Monday in May to submit their portfolios. The committee is currently reviewing training materials and preparing for scoring training.



Save the date April 22 from 11:30-4 when Local 795 is signed up to volunteer at the WVIZ auction.  Can we get at least one volunteer per building?


RETIREMENT:  Investments are running higher than comparable pension plans, but behind what is needed.  There is less money coming in.  More money going out people live longer.  A new demographic study may push the Board to make changes in investment strategy and/or retirement formulas.  Supplementing medical insurance is becoming an even larger burden than it has been.


SOCIAL:  Save the date – May 5 for our spring social at Nighttown.

SUMMIT: Met for lunch December 6.  Next meeting got rescheduled off the PD day to January 27.




  1. Negotiations – January 5th session did not produce a settlement.  A publication went out explaining our new positions.  Next session January 11 followed by discussion by our Executive Board on January 12.


  1. Heights Coalition for Public Education – Jan Resseger, Susie Kaesar, Tom Schmida and Ari Klein met January 3 to discuss opposition to Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education.  On January 9 we met with staffers from Senator Brown and Sensator Portman with a letter endorsed by 20 education related organizations.  See more info at http://chuh.net/coalition/links-and-news/
    1. January 19 - we will host a forum night.  Dr. Karl Wheatley will present. Flyer and reading available at http://chuh.net/coalition/events-and-actions/  Teachers are encouraged to attend.
    2. Education Inc. – we are trying to find some people to coordinate a showing of this movie.
    3. Charter Walk -  planning to talk to families that have chosen to send their students to charter schools and give them information so they will consider attending our schools next year.  Teachers partnered with other community members would be ideal for this project.


  1. Listening Project 2016-17  - probably starting after winter break.  Rego and Frost will organize training and recruitment.


  1. Grievance:  Personnel files – a grievance has been filed on November 15, 2016 because the Assistant Superintendent of HR and Operations has placed materials in personnel files in a manner that does not comport with the contract.  Met November 30. Denied December 7.  Step 3 Grievance Mediation scheduled for January 11.


  1. Fact-Findings  -
    1. A tenured Intervention Specialist who is on an intervention plan had a fact-finding November 3 on grounds that the member is unprepared for class because no plans are left when the member is absent, not using district curricular materials, and allowing too many break periods during transitions.  Awaiting a disposition.
    2. A monitor used a personal day without approval on December 16.  Awaiting fact-finding.


6.  Evaluations – we have been made aware of several evaluations that did not follow proper protocol.  Each situation is being taken separately.


7.  High School Scheduling – two possible schedules were presented to the high school staff before winter break and feedback sought.  The group met January 4 to see if there is a way to combine good things from both schedules.