Frequently Asked Questions

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Time - FAQ

Basic Schedules:

Elementary:  No more than one PLC or grade level team meeting shall be schedule per week for elementary staffs.  For each elementary teacher there shall be a minimum of 205 minutes per week during the student day excluding lunch for planning.

FAQ - Miscellaneous

Inequities, Leaves of all sorts, My principal is calling me to a meeting, Parents in the classroom, I have a problem with another member.

Change of status form for district

Fill this out if you changed your name or moved.  It is also possible to change your status through the Employee Kiosk.  Please email our union office manager when you move so we can update our database:


FAQ - Health Insurance

These are some of our most commonly asked questions about our medical plan and billing. Updated February 2021.

Internet Issues

Teachers today need to be aware of issues involving the internet - both at work and at home.