Catastrophic Leave Bank

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In 2006 the Union and the Board negotated a Catastrophic Sick Leave policy that allows members to donate up to 10 days of their accumulated sick leave to a "bank."  The policy was created to help any member of the bargaining unit who is currently absent due to a catastrophic, long-term, life-threatening illness or accident, who has exhausted all of his/her sick leave, and has applied but not yet been approved for STRS or SERS disability.

The concept is to provide a safety net for our members who are faced with a loss of income and benefits and are dealing with serious health conditions.  Keep in mind that donations go to the "bank" and are not earmarked for a particular individual. We do not reccomend that members with a low accumulation of days contribute to the bank, but it is a personal choice.  Members wishing to make a donation can do so by filling out a form (posted below).

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