Flu Shot Info

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For many years flu shots were provided by the board for our convenience during the workday.  This year we still have not heard whether or not they will be offered - or if it is, which flu shot will be available.

Since all of us are exposed to all sorts of nasty illnesses this is not such a bad idea, considering a bad flu can keep you away from your classroom for a week or lead to other health concerns.  

 Flu shots are immunizations and like all immunizations are covered at 100% if you go to a network provider. You can arrange to get one from your physcian or you may consider one the "Minute Clinics" at selected  CVS pharmacies.  These clinics provide a whole host of services and may be convenient.  For more info, go to:  http://www.minuteclinic.com/en/USA/OH/Cleveland/Treatment-and-Cost.aspx

Beware that if you go to a MEDGROUP that there is chance that it won't be covered. If you have another place where you can get one please make sure they take our insurance.

Walgreens has clinics, but when we called them the pharmacy takes Medical Mutual, but the clinic parts do not.  Don't go to one of these unless you are willing to pay out of pocket for something that should be a benefit.

Ari Klein
CHTU vice president