Tom Mooney Scholarship

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The Tom Mooney Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in December 2006 to honor late OFT President Tom Mooney's legacy in public education and union work, and to help others pursue his passions for social justice and political action. The Tom Mooney Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee selects an annual Mooney Scholar to receive a $2,000 scholarship. The scholarship is intended to provide an opportunity to a graduating senior from a public high school who plans to pursue a degree in education, history, labor studies or political science. An applicant must be the child of a member (in good standing) of the Ohio Federation of Teachers or the child of any staff person who is employed by OFT or its locals.


See a list of Mooney Scholars.


Download the 2019 application. Applications are due April 24. 


Mooney served for six years as the president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers and for 22 years as the president of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. During that time, he also was a vice president of the American Federation of Teachers. Mooney died unexpectedly Dec. 3, 2006.


He was an education visionary, working to improve teacher leadership and professionalism. He was a strong proponent of greater accountability for charter schools, leading a coalition of education, parent and civic groups that was critical of the widespread academic failure at privately operated charter schools in Ohio. He dedicated his life to increasing teacher resources and raising student outcomes.


The scholarship is sustained by donations which can be sent to the OFT office:

Ohio Federation of Teachers, Attn: Lisa Zellner, 1251 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43205


Special thanks to NTA, National Teacher Associates Life, OFT members, his family and friends who knew Tom and choose to financially support our scholarship awards in his memory.