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CHTU Update - 10.18.10 Calendar, SCOC, VESi, Chicago

Dear Colleagues,

The calendar committee met this week to discuss the 2020-21 and 2021-22 calendars.The recommendation will be to start two weeks before Labor Day (August 24, 2020 and August 23, 2021).  We had a long discussion of how to have a Wednesday start for students, but could not figure out how to gain the work and instructional days needed without cutting some vacation days.  Most of us are 192 day employees where there are usually 7 or 8 holidays and 2 compensatory days - this all needs to be fit in.
The recommendation is to have Spring Break March 29-April 5 in 2021 so that it goes through Easter Monday.  For the next year it would be March 28- April 1, 2022.  Good Friday in that second year is not until April 15, so it would be a 4 day weekend.  Return from Spring Break in both years would signal the beginning of the 4th quarter.
In both years students would be finished with school directly after Memorial Day - either Thursday or Friday depending on how many days are in the year.  PD and Records Days depend on what is decided with the calendar framework and do not need to be part of the Board's approval.
The process started with the committee.  Once the Board makes a decision there will be a period of public comment before the Board votes to adopt.
Interested in our survey?  Go to and the membership tab. All our surveys get posted under "Our Issues."  Or go directly at
Many members have posted great questions about the student code of conduct through the district's webform.  For a while they were not being answered (somehow lost, but now found).  On October 10 over 30 questions were answered. (link here to see the district answers).  I have asked for clarification on several of these as they do not seem to actually answer the question, the graphics are unreadable, and the logo blots out words in the top 2 sentences of each page.  Besides that there are some useful answers.  If more questions are submitted then administration will answer each Friday and post in the same location.  If you have more questions, please fill out the form at 
I am attaching a flyer (LINK HERE )with information about OFT's collaboration with Ursaline College allowing teachers to take graduate level courses for $225 per year for up to three courses.
Another education opportunity you may not recall is the chance for a member's family to earn up to an associates degree for free through Eastern Gateway Community College.  It is a good idea to check out AFT benefits periodically for items that might be helpful.  Link here to the Education pages (link)
Chicago Teachers:
Thanks to all who have sent pictures to me of teachers wearing red in support of the Chicago Teachers Union who started their strike this week.  For a great synopsis of what is behind the strike follow this link to local blogger, public school activist, parent of two Heights alums, and a personal friend, Jan Resseger who wrote about the strike today (link)
I hope many of you will stop by after the PD today at our new office at the end of Washington Boulevard at the Coventry Peace Campus.  Otherwise, have a great weekend.
In Solidarity.
Ari Klein
CHTU President

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