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CHTU Update - 10.5.16 Walk In, Lit drop, Online Training, Conference Nights

Dear Colleagues,
WALK IN:  Please join thousands of people across the nation for the Walk In tomorrow morning at all elementary schools, both middle schools and the high school.  Teachers are helping to coordinate this effort at all buildings.  We would like you to show up outside, wearing your CHTU T-Shirt, for the 10 minute rally and then walk in with the students.  To read more about the national effort go to  Also, if you take good pictures of the event please send them to

OCT 7 LIT DROP:  We have close to two dozen people signed up to distribute literature for the levy on Friday.  If you have not signed up go to:
If you can't go door to door with the literature on Friday, take a packet and do it over the next few days.  For people doing the lit drop who can, we will meet at Panini's on Coventry afterwards.

ONLINE TRAINING:  some members got an email stating they had until October 7 to get all their online training completed, with a veiled threat that there could be disciplinary action taken if the training is not complete.  According to our contract, the district can mandate us to do up to 4 hours of training in less than half day increments, on our own time.  So, although no one has ever been disciplined for not completing the online training in the past, it looks like they want to actually start enforcing it.  I believe they are within their rights.

CONFERENCE NIGHTS:  Contrary to the district calendar, conference nights will go to 9:00 pm, as usual. 

In Union,
Ari Klein, President

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