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CHTU Update - December 14, 2016 Wheatley Forum

Dear Colleagues,

How many of the following statements do you agree with?

  • Despite their lofty slogans, the corporate education policies mostly did  more harm than good.
  • Kids are not cars, and great development and learning do not work like manufacturing
  • Schools and society must be organized around caring for people and the planet.
  • Elimination of high-stakes standardized testing in PK-12 schooling
  • More emphasis on respecting teacher professionalism, using democratic decision-making processes, and involving students and families in shaping the educational process.

These statements are from the first section of a paper written by CSU Education Professor, Dr. Karl Wheatley (link to it here).  The second half of the paper discusses what we should be moving toward in education.

This paper will be the topic of a forum hosted by the Heights Coalition for Public Education on Thursday, January 19 at 7 pm at the high school.  We need 795 members to show up and participate.  We need you to help spread the word to friends and colleagues to show up and participate.  You do not need to be a CHUH resident to be part of this discussion – education is a mess everywhere.

Part of the evening will be devoted to helping everyone see that they can be even better public school advocates to help change things.  Learn more and download a flyer to pass around at

In Solidarity,

Ari Klein, CHTU President


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