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CHTU Update - Local Election Results - November 10, 2017

Dear Colleagues:

Elections have consequences; and at times the consequences are positive.

Posted below are the results of the November 7th elections along with our Local 795 pre-election day recommendations.  

For the first time in decades we had four candidates for the CH-UH Board that are pro-teacher.  All three who were elected are new to the Board, and we intend to establish and maintain a close relationship with them. 

Many thanks to the CHTU members who worked on the campaigns to elect our two endorsed candidates by dropping literature, canvassing, and being a COPE contributor. 

CH-UH Board of Education

Dan Heintz*       Won

Jodi Sourini*      Won

Malia Lewis        Won

(*Union Endorsed)

State Issue Two Prescription Drug Costs*             Defeated

(Union Opposed)

University Heights Mayor

Mike Brennan       Won

Cleveland Heights Municipal Judge

James Costello     Won

Have a fantastic weekend,

Ari Klein

CHTU President

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