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CHTU Update March 19, 2018 - Show up at the March 20 BOE meeting

Dear Colleagues,

The conditions for learning and teaching at the middle school have been challenging this year.  We have filed an administration union concern, met with administrators and recently filed a grievance over the lack of responsiveness to referrals and lack of consistent follow through in order to create an orderly environment.

The elected Board of Education will be discussing the middle school at their public meeting Tuesday, March 20.  We need a show of solidarity with our middle school colleagues who have had to endure chaos for this school year.  Please take time to show up for the 7:00 PM meeting and wear your union shirt.  It is likely to get moved to Wiley, but right now it is scheduled to be held at the board offices.  

We encourage you to attend, and if you wish to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting you need to sign up on the provided clipboard when you arrive. Please be aware that your free speech as a district employee may not be fully protected under certain circumstances:

  • It is acceptable to express your views on working conditions and the climate in the building.  It is not acceptable to disparage administrators or the Board.
  • It is acceptable to describe your experiences on the job, but not acceptable to criticize individuals by name or position.

When one school in our system struggles with order that is not addressed then it affects us all.  Our power comes from speaking in a unified voice.  We need more support, more consistency, and a higher level of expectations for our students. 

 In Union,

Ari Klein & Karen Rego

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