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CHTU Update - November 15, 2017 - Call the House

Dear Colleagues,
We need you to make a simple phone call.  Read below from North Shore AFL-CIO.
There are so many things wrong with the proposed tax cuts.  In the end, it will cost middle class working families more.  We lose deductions for student loan interest, teacher out of pocket classroom supplies, and it hurts our pension system through a new taxation that will reduce revenue.   

The US House is voting THIS THURSDAY on the tax “reform” bill that will shift the tax burden onto the middle class, give a windfall to the rich and result in the gutting of Social Security, Medicare and other programs we all rely on.

Below is a link to the AFL-CIO call to action.  Please call.

Super important if you live in Rep. David Joyce’s district, Congressional District 14.  Included in this district are Solon, Mayfield Hts, Lyndhurst, the far-eastern suburbs, Lake County, and even parts of northern Summit County.  If we could get Congressman Joyce to vote NO, that would be a HUGE victory and if we can get enough calls into him, he will.

In Solidarity,

Harriet Applegate

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