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CHTU Update - September 28, 2017 3rd pay and calendar

Dear Colleagues,

If you look at your pay stub tonight in the kiosk teachers should notice that it is higher than the last two pays.  For those of us getting 26 pays, the board does not take out certain deductions when there is a third pay in a month.  So, there is no medical deduction or union dues and perhaps some elective deductions.  Monitors are not paid year round since they are hourly, so their pay should include regular deductions.
By now, all of the city tax issues should be resolved, but it is probably a good idea to look over your pay to see if it is correct.  Payroll contacted individuals that lived in non RITA communities - for everyone else I believe it will get straightened out behind the scenes. Some supplemental contracts may still not be board approved.  Some increases due to late transcripts being turned in may not be added in yet as well.  Hopefully everyone is seeing that there was a 1.5% increase in pay this year.
Thanks to all of you who helped give us input for the Calendar Committee meeting yesterday.  291 people responded to our survey before I closed it.  We have posted the results of the survey to:
with a further link if you want to read all the comments.  There were many valuable things learned from the survey.
At the meeting yesterday we decided to come back to meet in October before recommending the calendar to the board for approval.  According to the survey no one will like every part of the calendar, but hopefully it is the best we can do.  One of the most popular parts to our members was getting Easter Monday off when Easter is not connected to spring break.  
The committee discussed the days without students even though that is not something that the Board approves.  The Board gives that authority to Ed Services.  We will continue to push for conference nights, records half days, and placement of PD days to make sense.  I am sure they appreciate our input, but it would be better if they followed our suggestions.
Happy Friday,
Ari Klein
CHTU President

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