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CHTU Update September 5, 2017 - Meeting and Pay

Dear Colleagues,

AFT National President Randi Weingarten will be in the district tomorrow, 
Wednesday, Sept 6.
She will hold an all member meeting in the HS auditorium from 3:45-4:30.  Come even if you will be a few minutes late.  Probably best to park across Cedar in the city lot.  She will speak as well as conduct a Q&A.
This is a big even for our local, so please try to attend (yes, even if you have curriculum night at 6:30).
Friday's pay - you may have noticed that the district did not get the city tax right for members who are working in a new city (yes - all MS and HS teachers).  They have told us they will correct it for the next pay..........we'll be watching.  Monitors has dues taken for a 2 day pay - we are waiting to find out why they did not wait until you have a full pay.
Labor Day - I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day.  Thanks to all who came to our first CHTU picnic on Sunday.  Cool weather, but great company.
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President

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