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Election 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As early voting has started I am sharing my views on just four of the races for your consideration.  I also suggest linking to the North Shore Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO to see endorsements for races around the county. (link)

State Issue 2 – VOTE “NO”

The Ohio Federation of Teachers now represents over 12,000 nurses from the Ohio Nurses Association.  They, along with every possible medical group are recommending voting NO on Issue 2.   It started as a complicated issue because of how it was initiated.  It got more complicated when the big pharmacy companies started campaigning against it.  I can’t imagine siding with big pharmacy, but on this issue we have some common interests for different reasons.  My main issue is that the promise of lower prescription costs cannot be guaranteed.  This legislation may not help anyone.

Cleveland Heights – University Heights School Board

CHTU endorsed Dan Heintz and Jodi Sourini because they stand with us on so many issues.  It was a tough choice because the other two candidates are also excellent in many ways.  We are in the enviable position as a district of having too many good choices.

Cleveland Heights Municipal Judge

We usually stay out of judicial races, but the three-way race for municipal judge has been interesting to watch unfold.  I am personally supporting James Costello for this position for several reasons.  He is endorsed by the AFL-CIO, which means he filled out a survey and our representative voted for him.  He has the endorsements of almost every public official from Cleveland Heights past and present, state reps, state senators, Cleveland Heights Democrats, Cuyahoga County Democrats, and scores of private citizens (including several CHTU members).  He has lived in the district his whole life and sends his kids to our schools.  His “Judge for Yourself” rating is higher than the other two candidates (although very close to one).  Lastly, I have known Costello for a long time and have never heard a bad thing about him (even though he is a lawyer).  I am sure all of the candidates want what is best for our community, but Costello has been involved in our community for a long time and has shown that he is committed.  I have never heard of the other two candidates before this election. 


I suggest looking at the Judge For Yourself (link) for judicial races.  The ratings are done by several different non-partisan legal groups and show thought and consideration. 

University Heights Mayor

I do not have a lot of experience with candidate Michael Brennan, but everything I have read has impressed me.  I am a little shocked that he is being endorsed by every single current University Heights Council member over the incumbent, Sue Infield.  I think that says a lot.  Infield is not officially against our schools……..but is not really for them either.  The delays she caused to having the high school move to the Wiley campus 2 years ago were both offensive and expensive. During the last levy campaign, she was not against it, BUT sent letters to UH residents letting them know how much it would cost.   Brennan could make a difference in UH, especially in the relationship with our schools.

Of course there are many other important races and issues on the ballot, but I am not taking a public position.  Whatever you do, vote.  Beyond being our civic responsibility your vote also counts more in off year, low turn-out elections. 

In Union,

Ari Klein

CHTU President

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