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Monitor Update - 4.13.17 Lay-Offs

Dear Monitor Colleagues,
Well, the administration seems to be trying the "nuclear option" for monitor lay-offs this year.  The slightly good news is that they could have reduced 9 positions and ONLY did 7.

Here are the issues we are having:
1)  The contract is still not resolved. Instead of moving directly to arbitration we asked to have another negotiations session to see if we could clear things up.  We meet with a smaller team on May 11.  CHTU will be represented by Randy Stokes, Steward for Monitors, President Klein, 1st VP Karen Rego, and 2nd VP Tamar Gray.  I only expect 1 session and then it will have to go to arbitration to be settled.

2)  We have notified administration that we believe that removing 3 elementary monitors creates a sub-contracting violation since secretaries will be expected to be in charge of visitor check in.  According to our contract, any work that is being performed or can be performed by our members is our work.  We have notified administration this is a mandatory subject of bargaining.  If they disagree then we will be forced to file an Unfair Labor Practice or a grievance.

3)  I have asked whether or not preference forms were sent out March 1.  One monitor told me yes and others did not get anything.  According to Dr. Lombardo it was sent out electronically and 10 monitors did not respond.

4)  Our contract states that lay-offs are to occur three weeks before the end of the school year.  They were early.  I have asked that they rescind all of the lay-off notices and re-issue them at the proper time.  No response yet.

5)  Administration used tiebreaker language from the teacher contract to determine the 6th person laid off.  Both members were hired exactly the same day.  Unfortunately there is no tiebreaker language in the monitor contract right now, although I will recommend that we adopt the language that we inserted into the teacher contract.  The point is that there is no mechanism to determine which person to lay off.  I have asked that they bring back the 6th person to avoid legal problems.  We have not yet heard, but I believe this is a viable grievance.

More importantly, the administration is making a huge mistake by devaluing the work you all do every day.  Reducing 1 monitor for the high school and 1 for the combined middle school makes no sense for safety purposes.  There is no way a reduced staff will be able to effectively patrol either building.  The three elementary schools losing a monitor presents a huge safety issue.  You do more than sign people in and out.  You are professionals who pay attention to things that are going on in your buildings that other people don't even see.  We worked so hard and waited so long to get you into elementary buildings  - it is a shame to have to lose these positions.  The Delisle building not only houses students, but also all sorts of other programs, visitors, adults constantly in and out.  Who thought it was a good idea to get rid of our monitor there??

You all do great work and should be commended.  Instead, you have to worry if administration is going to get rid of you.  Hopefully, when administration figures out their mistake they will start the recall process.  Monitors who are laid off stay on the recall list for 3 years.  No new hires can be made while we have members on the recall list.

In Solidarity,
Ari Klein
CHTU President

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