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December 2017


ARC (Appraisal Review Committee):  Next meeting December 18. 

COMMUNITY IN SCHOOLS TASK FORCE:  Met Nov 8 for an update on the visit to Cincinnati.  Focus groups have started, being facilitated by United Way. A survey of staff was sent out December 6 to gather info.  Next meeting is December 13. 

CUYAHOGA COUNTY EDUCATORS SUMMIT:   Next meeting is January 25.

DISCIPLINE: The first meeting was November 20.  We got an overview of the purpose of the committee.  Reviewed the Office of Civil Rights three year-long investigation and what the District is doing to try to address the concerns brought by OCR. On account of a prior commitment, Rego and Klein had an officer meeting during the December 7th meeting.  Monitor Steward Randy Stokes attended and learned about the district’s discipline data collection methods.

DLT (District Leadership Team): Met November 29 to look at assessment data.  There are many questions regarding data entry.  Next meeting December 20.

ER&D: Managing Anti-Social Behavior will hold a course on Tuesdays from February 20 to May 1 from 4-7 PM.

GRADING TASK FORCE:  The first meeting was held was held December 6 to discuss grading practices throughout the district and Board Policy 5421.  The next meeting will be held January 17.

INSURANCE: Nothing new.  Tamara Heldman has been working to ensure that each District building has a room designated and appropriate for breast pumping.  VP Rego is helping gather and disseminate info.  Next meeting January 16.

MASTER TEACHER:  5 people submit their letters of intent for the Master Teacher Program and 5 people submit for the Master Teacher Renewal. The candidates received an email from Lia Radke with details about the support sessions. The MTC will meet again on February 8. Our scoring day is scheduled for May 11.

MOBILIZATION:  Klein and Rego will start Union Comes to You lunch meeting in January.  We will start to collect recommitment cards from all members.

Kudos to members who have attended a school board meeting.  Everyone should try to attend at least once a year.

OFT:   VP Gray and President Klein attended OFT Executive Committee on December 1.  Secretary Lausche, VP Schaner, VP Rego, VP Frost and Retiree Liaison MacDonald attended Executive Council on December 2.  OFT Committees met after lunch.  Most of the focus was on the upcoming Supreme Court Janus case attacking collective bargaining rights.

PTA:  President Klein attended the PTA Council holiday party on December 5.  The January 29 meeting has been rescheduled so it will not conflict with the Heights Coalition Forum set for that date.

RETIREMENT:  Dan MacDonald presented to over 30 members about retirement on November 30 at our office.  His information was comprehensive and well received.

SOCIAL:  Save the date of March 23 for our “More than a Spring Social and less than a banquet.” We really need a new title for it.

SUMMIT: On November 10 Summit spent much of the time discussing Morale and the initial results of our workplace satisfaction survey.  We also discussed elementary dismissal concerns.  Next meeting December 13 – Luncheon.

1.  Grievances:

Excessive Discipline #2:  We are grieving the excessive and unwarranted discipline that is both an arbitrary and capricious application of the Employee Code of Conduct and that the discipline was given without just cause and absent progressive discipline. A step 2 hearing was held November 20.  The Union has waived time in order to work out a settlement.


Delayed Justice: On November 2, 2017 CHTU filed a grievance over the extended delay in returning a teacher to assignment (see Excessive Discipline #2 above) citing the loss of instructional time to students.  The grievance was heard and denied.  CHTU has decided not to move to step 3, but to include this issue in future negotiations.


2.  Administration Union Concerns:

Elementary Testing and Pacing:  Elementary members have brought a concern over testing and pacing.  A meeting was held on December 5 where concerns were laid out.  Administration has agreed to look into how to improve.  CHTU was well represented by Elementary VPs Tina Reynolds and Beth Rae, Steward Kristi Glasier,  Jen Gareau, Lee Ann Chambers, Sherry Esper, Kate Duhanich, VP Karen Rego, President Ari Klein.  Our District Program Specialists also attended.  Administration clarified that when a teacher needs help or support or has a question that the teacher may contact a central administrator directly without fear of breaking the “Chain of Command” part of the Employee Code of Conduct.  Some of the things stated at the meeting by administration seem to contradict our experience. 

Elementary Dismissal:  There are concerns about procedures for elementary dismissal.  We discussed this at Summit on November 10 and will follow up next meeting.

Morale: At the November 10 Summit we looked at initial survey results, but need more data.  The window for responding was extended and we will look over the results at our next meeting.

3.  Fact Findings

            A fact-finding was held November 17.  There were concerns brought up over how our member handled several situations.  Before a formal disposition is given we have been working with administration for a lesser discipline paired with a support plan.

 4.  Heights Coalition for Public Education –All members should come to the winter forum series January 29 (Superintendents Fight Back), February 12 (The vision for public education), and February 26 (Strategize with state leaders).

6.  College Credit Plus – We have been trying to come to agreement about the work that High School Counselors are doing that is different this year since a position was eliminated.  We agree with administration about compensation for College Credit Plus (CCP) work that is in the contract as PSEO.  We sent administration a notice to negotiate CCP for students in the school, AP coordination, and testing coordination on December 5, 2017.  Awaiting a response.

7.   Debt Clinic – VP Rego is offering another student debt clinic on January 25 after school at our office.  18 people attended her session at the last District PD day, but many members were unable to attend during that time slot.

8.  Which files are official – an issue is arising over where disciplinary materials are held and how long before an incident is stale.


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