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Executive Board Minutes 11/18/2021

Cleveland Heights Teachers Union

Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, November, 18, 2021

4:30 P.M. Zoom


Officers:  K. Rego, T. Underhile, T. Gray, C. Pavel, T. Reynolds, D. Lausche,, B. Ammon,  J. Bennet, D. Frost (M)

High School (HH): J. Boris, Greg Nachman, V. Larkins-Forte, M. Mrazek, H. Rasul, Q. Tucker (HH)

Middle School:  L. Lorek (M), M. Searcy (M), M. Friedman (R), D. Hershmann-Rossi (R), W. Ward-Price (R), J. Shelton-Townes,

Elementary: G. Gee (F), N. Davis (C), T. White (N), K. Hodson (O), D. Hirsch (RE), A. Klein, D. MacDonald (Ret), M. Mazzone (St.Serv)

Absent:  N. Williams, G. Wroblewski, S. Austin, K. Minnillo (B), S. Malek (G), Y. Wallace (Anc), K. Cooper (Delisle), S. Glenn (Monitors), M. Johnson (Monitors)

  1. Call to Order - Roll Call 
  2. Secretary’s Minutes - Tiffany moved to approve the secretary's minutes from October 2021, Darrel second, Motion Passes 
  3. Officers’ Reports:
    1. Divisional Vice Presidents
      1. Elementary - Issues with students just showing up with no notification from registration, no Chromebooks with new students as well; ALC ancillaries are being used as remote check-in for students on quarantine and library ancillaries are being used to catch all for assignments; SAT process is inconsistent between buildings, suggestion to take this to SUMMIT
      2. Middle School - The level of disrespect from students and administration is high, can conferences end earlier, Monticello 7th grade had an issue with direct dealing with the principal regarding detention/tutoring during their lunch hours; Lorek is being given an unsustainable workload; payroll issues with coverage payment not being processed
      3. High School - Conference night had many technical issues with Chrome books, career tech book order was placed in August but books have not been ordered, track students are running in the halls as part of their practices without their masks, has been pushed to 4pm
    2. Vice-President - Received an email from HB327 (CRT), asking members to call their state reps to oppose, if you would like to submit testimony, have it ready to go as soon as possible; a survey will be sent to membership about spring banquet interest; committee reports: work is continuing on mobilization, Monday and Tuesday asking for work to rule and to wear union attire
    3. President - December executive board will be in-person and the union will buy the dinner at the office, three midyear resignations (two more in discussions) and sick leaves due to mental issues; the insurance premium is not changing in 2022, fact findings are being held over disrespectful comments, Tiffany filed a grievance because her IC access was suspended likely as a retaliation to questioning SCOC in Summit
  4. Old Business
    1. Make-a-Wish- Selling Vintage shirts - Selling vintage shirts and using money for make-a-wish
    2. SCOC Concerns and Actions - New members haven’t been trained, existing members have not been trained since the initial, administration was offended that training wasn’t effective, discussion at Summit was not productive, many of the cases are he said/she said
    3. School Psychs- Work to Rule: AU concern was filled, case loads are enormous, one of the main obstacles to hiring, no one is even applying, union did agree with the LOU that allowed for the subcontracting of the position, district is out of compliance with ODE for not having a caseload calculator, the suggestion is to work-to-rule
  5. New Business
    1. New Logo Apparel for Members - We are in the process of ordering new apparel, design by A. Troy, union-made company
    2. CHTU Gives Back link
    3. Other new business - Canterbury submitted a letter from the staff regarding the disappointment in the superintendent for dangling two asynchronous days and not following through, Kirby called the principal and principal was supportive of the teacher’s position

       6.  Action Items  

  1. OFT convention-# of attendees Ari makes the motion to approve 14 members to attend the Ohio Federation of Teachers Convention in February, Second Debbie Frost - Motion passes
  2. T-shirt restock: Tiffany moves to approve the restocking of membership tee shirts up to $8,000, second Margaret Freidman, motion carries

Meeting adjourned at 6:11pm


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