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October 2019


ARC (Appraisal Review Committee): The first ARC meeting was held on September 24. The new OTES 2.0 was discussed that will be implemented statewide next year.  We are gathering as much information on the changes as it becomes available.  Next meeting November 12, 2019.

CALENDAR COMMITTEE: The calendar committee will meet October 15 to make recommendations to the board for the 2020-2022 calendars.  A CHTU survey was sent to members for input.  237 members filled out the survey.

COMMUNITY IN SCHOOLS TASK FORCE:  Met Wednesday, Sept 11 with Superintendent, Josephine, Nancy Peppler, and OFTs Stuart McIntyre to update the Superintendent on progress to this point and to get a go ahead for implementing a plan moving forward.

CCES (Cuyahoga County Educators Summit) – First meeting October 23 got cancelled.  Next meeting in January.

DISCIPLINE:  First quarterly meeting was October 2-SCOC was discussed.  After the meeting it was determined that questions sent to the district website were not being received.  On October 11 answers were posted for 39 questions.  Next meeting is December 4.

GRADING TASK FORCE:  A meeting was held on September 12.  The group is looking to use the site-based PD in October to gather interest of teachers who are willing to pilot any of the 4 professional practices on Grading, and then host a PD on November 5th.  A meeting was added for October 3rd to prepare for the upcoming site-based PD.

INSURANCE: First meeting will be October 22. Changes to benefits do not occur until January 1.

MAKE-A-WISH:  The walk was amazing!  It was a beautiful day and we raised $10,190! Thanks to everyone who participated and/or donated.

MASTER TEACHER:  Next meeting October 21.

MOBILIZATION:  We are in the midst of a COPE drive.  Thanks to everyone who is starting to deduct or has increased their deduction.  We will be organizing around helping with the census this winter.  There may be opportunities for members to host debate parties as the presidential election comes into full swing.

OFT (Ohio Federation of Teachers):  Leaders weekend was September 27-28 in Columbus.  Ari, Debbie, Brian, and Darrell attended.

POLICY TASK FORCE: requested meeting dates.

PTA:  PTA Council met September 26.  Next meeting October 30.

RETIREMENT: Retiree Liaison Dan MacDonald reported on the last STRS meeting that once again there is no cost of living increases for pensioners while at the same time STRS staff received close to $8 million in incentive/performance bonuses. 

SOCIAL:  We will be hosting a TUSH/Open House at our office October 18 after the PD day.  We will also be giving away candy at the candy crawl on Lee Rd from 5-7.

SUMMIT:  On September 20 we discussed the district report card, student code of conduct and brought up concerns around secondary class sizes, SPED  caseloads, and sizes and ratios of co-taught classes.  Additionally, Supt Kirby will arrange walkthroughs of the middle schools with President Klein and George Petkac to look over facilities.  Next meeting October 25.

1.  Grievances and Unfair Labor Practices

            a) Unfair Labor Practice – the Union filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the District on July 22, 2019 over the District’s refusal to bargain over changes in terms and conditions of the member's job.  A mediation in Columbus was held September 6 where it was not resolved.  If an investigation determines there is a foundation to support our claim, then there will be a hearing before the SERB Board.

            b) Assault Leave – Administration is trying to apply the new assault leave language limit of 2 years to a member who has been on partial assault leave.  We have asked our legal counsel to investigate whether this application of new language is legal to try to reverse this unjust decision.

2.  Fact-Findings/Discipline

            a)  A member was called to a fact-finding on September 5, 2019 over concerns about supervision.  Non-Disciplinary counseling was issued on October 2.

            b)  A member was placed on paid administrative leave August 29, 2019 pending an investigation over concerns that we thought had been resolved last year.  President Klein represented our member at the Department of Children and Family Services on September 25.  All charges were found to be “unsubstantiated” on October 9.  The private investigator hired by the district is scheduling meetings with our members on a voluntary basis.  There has been no timeline set for when the private firm will conclude their investigation.

            c)  A member has been called to a fact-finding for September 24, 2019  around administrations concerns of inadequate supervision, dishonesty, and inappropriate, abusive, or offensive conduct. Still waiting on a disposition.

            d)  A member has been called to a fact-finding for October 21, 2019 for alleged misconduct.  At this point we have not received information that gives us any clue as to this situation.

3.  Heights Coalition For Public Education – The Coalition Steering met September 25, 2019 and discussed what we have been doing over the summer.  We decided to create a slideshow that will help explain school funding in simple terms.  We will meet again on October 17.  The co-conveners have also prepared a research document based on data received through the Ohio Legislative Service Commission that will be sent to our local representatives chronicling possible solutions to the funding issues in CHUH.

4.  Financial Workshop – a workshop was held September 19, 2019.  The reviews were mixed.

5.  ODE District Review – The initial meeting was held October 11, 2019 by ODE officials.  There will be a review of special education programs in many of our buildings.  These random reviews occur on an irregular basis in order to evaluate the current programs and make suggestions around best practices.

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