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FAQ - Deadlines

Deadlines and important dates:

Deadlines for getting transcripts in for salary schedule adjustment

Sept 15 and Jan 15

Waiver of medical coverage

First two weeks in September

Deadline for paperwork for Flexible Spending Account

First two weeks in Dec

Notification for Retirement incentive (30 years or fewer)

March 1

Deadline for paperwork to be tenure eligible

March 20

Notification of non-renewal of limited contract teachers

June 1

Resignation deadline to get out of the next contract

July 10



Deadlines for being observed/evaluated - OTES

     Completed self-assessment/Growth or Improvement Plan


     submit Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for approval
     SLOs approved with feedback

     Deadline for completed observation cycle 1

     Deadline for final observation cycle

Last Fri in Sept
Third Fri in Oct

December 15

May 1



Master Teacher
    -Letter of intent
    -Portfolio/documentation due

1st Mon in Dec
1st Mon in May

Job Share Submissions

March 1

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