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FAQ - Rates of Pay

As of July 2017 the following rates of pay are in effect:

Substitute Duties$12.50 for 5-25 minutes,  $23 for 26-50 minutes.   $139.00 per day (for covering another teacher's assignment)

Inservice Training – $23/hr
Inservice Training – presenter preparation rate - $23/hr
Inservice Training – presenter presentation rate - $36/hr (outside the normal workday)

Authorized additional duties - $23/hr

Curriculum Writing -$23/hr

Summer Programs - $42/hr

Saturday Academy/school - $42/hr

Pre-approved School Camp/Curricular Trips - $80/night

Home Instruction - $42/hr
Differentials - $500
 -split classes – elementary
 -teachers of Special Education
- Language/Speech Pathologists
Differential - 1.1 (1.1 x up to MA, then add experience)
    Head Nurse
All 201 day contract employees (counselors, program specialists, etc)

Summer closing/opening for elementary teachers:
$23/hr for four days over the summer, 6 hours per day. (This is not 4 days for closing and another 4 for opening)

Retirement Enhancement - $1,150 in year 28,29, 30 of STRS service

Retirement Incentive - $24,000 divided into two equal lump sum payments.  Must notify board in writing of intention to retire by March 1 and not have more than 30 years service.  Must have at least 10 years of service in CHUH and be eligible to retire from STRS.

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