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Personal Day Rollover Calculations

In our contract bargaining unit members can accumulate up to 5 personal days.  Any personal days earned over the 5 rollover to your sick leave balance.  3 personal days are earned per year.

If you want to check to see that this rollover is done properly you can look at your leave balances on your stubs or in the employee access center for the July checks.

Subtract the sick leave balances between the first two July checks.  From that new number subtract 9.38 (which is the 1.25 days we earn every month).  The answer you get should be the number of hours that roll over (divide hours by 7.5 hours to convert to days).

For example:

First July check sick leave balance:  750 hours

Second July check sick leave balance 774.38 hours

Difference:  774.38 - 750 = 24.38

Subtract 9.38:   24.38 - 9.38 = 15

Convert to days:  15 divided by 7.5 = 2

Therefore, 2 personal days rolled into sick leave.

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