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Reading your pay stub

Some of the items on your pay stub:

Period End:  this is the day that sick leave is counted through.  When the stub states 09/07/2013 for the "Date" of 09/20/2013 it means that sick and personal leave are for days absent up to 09/07/2013.

Use Sick Bal and Use Per Lv Bal:  7.5/302.4  The first number is how many days you used up during the 2 week period ending on the Period End date.  The second number is your remaining balance as of the period date.  Remember to divide by 7.5 hours to convert into days.

Service Days:  010/011  The first number is how many days the current pay covers.  The second is the total number of days worked since the beginning of the school year.

Federal:  Your Federal withholding.  You can control this with payroll if it is too high or too low by completing a W-4 form..

Ohio: Your Ohio withholding, which can be changed using the IT-4 form.

CleveHts: This is 2%, although mine looks like 1.97%

MMedical: This is our contribution to medical; Single $22.92/ Family $62.50.  Comes out of 24 checks

*MMedical:  This is the Board's contribution to medical

*MVsion:  This is the Board's contribution to vision

*DentCrEa: This is the Board's contribution to dental

*MPCSDrug: This is the Board's contribution to prescription

CreditUn: The amount you are setting aside

*STRSbrd: The Board's 14% contribution to STRS

STRSAnn:  Our 10% contribution to STRS (9% last year, 11% next year)

*Wrkomp: This is the Board's contribution to worker's compensation

Medicare: Our contribution to medicare of 1.45%

*Medicare: The Board matching medicare contribution

795Dues: Dues paid for each of 24 checks.  Full teacher dues is $790.  Monitor/Ancillaries is $550.

Politicl: Your contribution to our Committee of Policital Education which makes contributions mostly through our state organization for candidates for political office.  Call our office or see your steward if you want to sign up or increase your contribution.

There are other deductions for garnishments, deferred compensation, and all sorts of other things.  The main thing is that if there is no * by it, then you are paying for it.  Let me know if you have other items on your stub so I can add it to this list.

Ari Klein
September 2013

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