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Time - FAQ

Basic Schedules:

Elementary:  No more than one TBT or grade level team meeting shall be schedule per week for elementary staffs.  For each elementary teacher there shall be a minimum of 205 minutes per week during the student day excluding lunch for planning.

Middle School: 42 minute planning/TBT/collaboration period daily, 42 minute lunch, 6 periods of classes.  This does not mean a TBT every day, it means that there is an opportunity if teachers decide to use their time that way, but there will be one or two official TBTs.

High School: For each high school teacher, there shall be an 8 period day with a minimum of 250 minutes of planning, 46 minute classes, and a 46 minute lunch.

Staff Meetings – all divisions:

  • 10 per year, dates to be distributed the first week of school
  • Tentative agendas to TAP prior to meeting
  • Begin 10 minutes after students are dismissed
  • Shall end no later than 60 minutes following student dismissal
  • Two extra meetings allowed per year if held within the teachers’ normal  work day
  • Emergency meetings may be held for emergencies
  • Staff meetings may be used for a variety of activities as specified in the contract, but in-services have this caveat – “If the TAP Committee meets and determines a specific critical need, a staff meeting may be used for staff in-service training.” 
  • The Union shall have 10 minutes of the 60 minutes of the meeting to report on both Union and Administration concerns.

Professional Development aka in-service training

All in-service training courses, except as provided below, shall be voluntary and compensated pursuant to one or more of the following alternatives as offered by the Board:

  • In-service training held on days when students are scheduled to be in attendance must be held during the normal workday, must be divided into morning and afternoon sessions of equal length, and must provide a lunch break of not less than one-and-one quarter hours.
  • In addition to the above, the Superintendent, or designee, may declare mandatory in-service of less than half days.  No teacher may be required to attend more than four mandatory hours per year of this additional in-service, whether through online courses or otherwise.

Requests For Volunteers

Building Principals or other Administrators shall refrain from making requests to individual members of the bargaining unit to volunteer for any committees or activities that are not subject to the compensation provisions under this Negotiated Agreement.  Any request for volunteer services shall be made as “all staff” announcements or postings.  Members may elect to participate as desired.

Essential Training

Required training that is scheduled outside of the normal workday or calendar year follows certain rules:

  • Must be one of the following approved training programs: International Baccalaureate, AVID, OIP, PBIS, Equity training, Advance Placement (High School only), and Career Tech training
  • Paid at the $23/hr in-service rate
  • More than 3 nights in a hotel  - teachers are not required to share a room (as with all district training)
  • Limit of 7 days in 5 years
  • Teacher is allowed to choose if there are multiple dates available for the training
  • Teacher is notified of the requirement to attend at least 4 months in advance
  • The District will utilize sessions in District whenever possible


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