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ADA Accomodations-Covid 19

To request accommodations through the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) based on COVID-19 concerns.  

  1. Email Dr. Lombardo and copy  and request ADA paperwork based on Covid-19 concerns.  You are not required to disclose your health issue.

  2. HR will email back a packet of information.  Call or visit your doctor.  Explain that you will need a note explaining in detail the accommodations that you will need i.e. teaching or providing services to students remotely.  Provide your doctor with the 12 page packet from Dr. Lombardo.

  3. Email Dr. Lombardo your doctor’s note and copy

  4. Dr. Lombardo or Carla Morris will be in contact with you to set up an accommodations meeting.  You are entitled to union representation at this meeting. This is standard when an employee asks for an ADA accommodation.

If you are considering an ADA request for accommodations we urge you to start this process as soon as you can.


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