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Prescription Plan

Medical Mutual members will have only one card for all medical and prescription are on one card and vision and dental are on another.


Our benefits have not changed.  Any medication you had before should be available to you now. 
If you have been denied a medication, for any reason, we need to know about it.  Call our union office 216-321-0020 to let us know.  We monitor this very closely.

Web Access:
Express Scripts is a website where you can register to track your claims, see your prescription history, or investigate different drugs so you know what to ask your doctor or pharmacist.  It seems to have a lot of resources available to members, including different ways to sign up for their mail order service for maintenance medications you might have. 

Express Scripts also has a mobile app for monitoring your prescriptions. (link to info)

Mail Order:
If you take maintenance drugs, then consider using mail order.  You get a 3 month supply for the same co-pay as a 30 day supply from a local drugstore.  Here are the directions (link) Here is the form (link)

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