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High School Form - for being more than 5 minutes tardy

Students who come to class without a pass within 5 minutes of the bell should be admitted, marked tardy, and given a consequence.  The first 3 times should be handled by the teacher.  After the third write a referall to the student's small school principal.

For students who are more than 5 minutes tardy to class mark them absent and send them to their small school office for the period.   Below are two forms that you can download and hand to students.

   -The PDF form may be printed and cut into 8 parts.

   -The WORD form may be modified with your guidelines for class (i.e. turn assignments into my mailbox, return at the end of 6th period for your work from today, call a study buddy to get today's notes so you don't fall too far behind, etc.)

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