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Heights Observer Articles

Links to news articles published by the Heights Observer from our local:

August 2020:  Returning to school during the pandemic

June 2020: Education funding is in crisis

April 2020:  HiberNation

March 2020:  The value of teachers' work

February 2020:  Truth in our school funding numbers

January 2020:  Class size matters

December 2019:  Participation in fall musical teaches students essential skills

November 2019: State funding results in losses for CH-UH

October 2019: Classroom technology over time

September 2019: Former union leader recalls Wiley Wildcat Strike

August 2019: Teachers often worry about time away from classrooms

July 2019:  What we have lost

June 2019:  Students are more than the core

May 2019:  There's no rhyme or reason in school testing and funding 

April 2019:  District's specialty staff provide important services to students

March 2019:  Students need opportunities to find and pursue their passions.

February 2019: A wish list for the new superintendent

January 2019:  Changing the testing culture

December 2018:  Teachers union members are committed to community

November 2018: Ohio's test-driven culture has unintended consequences

October 2018:Teaching in hot classrooms

September 2018:Summer should end with Labor Day

August 2018:Training we could all benefit from

July 2018:  Vouchers take money from public school students

June 2018:  Analyzing median teacher salaries

May 2018:  Protecting public education through local collective bargaining

April 2018:  A month of testing (or April is the cruelest month)

March 2018:  Learning and teaching in scouting

February 2018:  CHUH Schools:  always innovating

January 2018:  Shop Local.  Learn Local.  Choose Public.

December 2017: What it's like to teach in the new high school

November 2017: Balancing individual needs with state requirements is not easy

October 2017:  AFT President visits CHUH schools

September 2017:  Needed:  More students taking career technical classes

August 2017:  Experiences are key to learning

July 2017:  CHUH BOE should be able to hear directly from all school stakeholders.

June 2017:  Staffing decisions should prioritize connections and stability

May 2017:  Short-Term benefit shouldn't outweigh potential harm of Ohio Senate Bill 85

April 2017:  Teachers union draws on parent input in contract negotiations

March 2017:  It's Hard To Recommend Teaching As A Profession

January 2017:  How CHUH district evaluates its teachers

December 2016:  A School Nurse's Job is Complex and Essential

November 2016: Setting Growth Targets For Students

October 2016: A Teacher Suggests Ways To Help Your Student

September 2016: We have a chance to speak out against too much testing

August 2016:  CHTU Provides Summer Professional Development For members

July 2016:  How My Family Views Education in the Heights

June 2016:  We must retain and attract school district employees

May 2016:  An argument against standadization in education

April 2016: Public Money for Schools is Lining Private Pockets

March 2016: CH Teachers Union embarks on listening initiative

February 2016:  Making the case for Tiger Nation

January 2016:  Teachers Union Promotes Consumer Awareness

December 2015:  CH-UH schools seek to offer more wrap-around services

November 2015 - Making Ohio a Right to Work state could weaken CHTU

October 2015 - Teacher Shortages are Predictable

September 2015 - Ohio's State Report Card Does Not Measure What Counts

August 2015 - Back to School Tips for Parents

July 2015 - Oxford Elementary First Grade Teacher Betty Miller Retires