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Master Teacher Info

              Changes have been made to our professional licenses based on state law. In 2009, Ohio passed House Bill 1 that will affect every public school teacher in the State. One of the big changes for teachers is a requirement that each district assemble a Master Teacher Committee that will communicate ways teachers may earn advanced professional licenses. The Master Teacher Program allows teachers to demonstrate their practice based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession. This information sheet will outline what our district process is and will explain why a teacher might be interested in undergoing this option.
New Licenses
Teachers may continue renewing their five-year professional licenses for the rest of their careers. In fact, due to a change last year in HB1, teachers may renew this type of license without earning a Master’s Degree.   Requirements for advanced licenses still require teachers to follow their personal five year plan in their IPDP with a minimum of six hours of graduate level coursework or equivalent. 
Teachers may earn a five-year Senior Professional Educator License if they have a Master’s Degree in education; nine years licensed teaching with at least five years under a professional license or permanent certificate, and successful completion of the Master Teacher Portfolio.
Teachers may also earn a five-year Lead Professional Educator License if they have already met the requirements for the Senior Professional Educator License and have earned the new Teacher Leader Endorsement through an accredited institution OR hold an active National Board Certification.
Master Teacher
A master teacher demonstrates excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning. A master teacher strives for distinguished teaching and continued professional growth as specified by the Standards for Ohio Teachers.   (Ohio Department of Education, Spring 2010)
Master Teacher candidates, who have worked at least seven years under a teaching contract, apply to earn this designation through a portfolio they will develop throughout the school year. There are five focus areas in the portfolio that need to be supported by evidence: Consistent Leadership; Focused Collaboration; Distinguished Teaching – Focus on Students and Environment; and Continued Professional Growth. There is no cost to apply, but to be done properly the portfolio will take some time to prepare.
In recognition of some of the time spent assembling a portfolio, participants can earn two PDU’s (equivalent of 60 contact hours or 2 semester hours of graduate level work). As part of the program that our district is supporting this year, candidates for Master Teacher may participate in monthly sessions with a facilitator to work on their portfolios and get feedback on the work they are doing.
Continuing contract teachers who will be evaluated during the year may use the Master Teacher Portfolio as their alternate Tier II Evaluation.
Advanced professional licenses will be the preferred requirements for teacher leadership positions in the district in the future.   Within five years it is possible that there may be a pool of teachers with these licenses to fill mentor and coaching positions, as well as team/grade level leadership opportunities.
Here is a timeline of important dates:
Informational Meeting
 -learn more about what is expected
Monday, November 1, 2011
4:00 – 5:00 PM at the Delisle Center
Letter of Intent to sign up
   -a form that helps the committee prepare for the needs of the candidates
First Monday in December
Candidate Monthly Support Sessions
   -a forum to help candidates and get feedback
January to April. 
Time and place to be determined
Application Deadline
   -portfolio and all supporting documentation
First Monday in May
Notification of Results to Candidates
First Monday in June
Look for more information at the Ohio Department of Education website at under “Teaching” tab or search for “Master Teacher”.
We hope to see you at our informational meeting on November 1st at the Delisle Center so we can answer your questions and give you more detailed information.
The Master Teacher Committee
Anna Costanzo
Ari Klein, Chair
Nylajean McDaniel
Joe Micheller
Michelle Walton
Laurel Chapman, Candidate Facilitator

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