CHTU Update - 8.28.18 Personal days before a holiday, tenure, voting, etc

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Dear Colleagues,
My sympathies for anyone working in a building without air conditioning.  Hopefully this heat will break tomorrow and we will get some relief. We have asked administration to create procedures around heat index days and so far they have refused to consider it.
Personal Days
The only time members need permission to take a personal day is when it occurs directly before or after a school vacation day.  Examples: The Friday before Labor Day, the Tuesday after Labor Day, The day before and after Rosh Hashana, etc. Details on how to ask permission and how much to disclose are found at our Personal and Sick Leave FAQ - follow the link.
Do you have any reason to register to vote or update your voter registration record?
Link to this form (link), fill out online, print, and send to the appropriate county board of elections office (link here for addresses)
Do you expect to be eligible for tenure this year by completing coursework before March 20?
Let your supervisor know, even if all the coursework won't be in until later. There is no application to fill out - you are eligible or not eligible. Need to check requirements?  Look at the last question on our general FAQ (link here)
Third pay of the month
The pay this Friday will be the first under the new school year so will include a 1.5% cost of living increase in addition to steps and lanes individuals might have earned.  Since it is the third pay in a month then there will be fewer deductions than normal.  No credit union, 403b, union dues, medical contribution - just taxes and STRS.  Hopefully personal and sick days will be updated by then.
In Union,
Ari Klein
CHTU President