Executive Board Meeting Minutes - January 20, 2022

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Cleveland Heights Teachers Union

Executive Board Meeting

Thursday, January 20, 2022

4:30 P.M. Zoom


OfficersK. Rego, T. Underhile, C. Pavel, T. Reynolds, D. Lausche,, B. AmmonJ. Bennet, D. Frost (M), J. Shelton-Townes

High School (HH): M. Mrazek, Q. Tucker, V. Larkins-Forte, J. Boris, G. Wroblewski

Middle School:  L. Lorek (M), M. Searcy (M), M. Friedman (R), D. Hershmann-Rossi (R), W. Ward-Price (R)

Elementary: G. Gee (F), N. Davis (C), K. Hodson (O), D. Hirsch (RE), S. Malek (G), T. White (N)

Other: M. Mazzone (St.Serv), A. Klein (Past President), K. Cooper (Delisle), D. MacDonald (Ret)

Absent:   T. Gray, S. Austin, Y. Wallace (Anc), , S. Glenn (Monitors), M. Johnson (Monitors), N. Williams (HH), K. Minnillo (B), H. Rasul, G. Nachman

  1. Call to Order - Roll Call 
  2. Secretary’s Minutes 
  3. Officers’ Reports:
    1. Divisional Vice Presidents
    2. Vice-President
      1. Banquet is booked, Saturday, May 14th at the Embassy Suites in Beechwood from 6-10pm, a block of 15 rooms have been reserved, buffet style dinner, open bar
      2. Walk through flexible spending accounts, D. Toney has incorrectly added money to accounts
    3. President
      1. Delegates have been selected for OFT conference and plan to attend
      2. Calendar committee has met once and will be meeting again on Monday, Jan 24
    4. Treasurer
      1. Budget reports for convention attendance will be produced, the budgeted amount of $9,000 will not cover the actual expenses 
  4. Old Business
    1. New Logo Apparel for Members
  5. New Business
  1. Negotiations Survey
    1. Karen and Tiffany have spoke with administration prior to winter break, it is possible to have a resolution sooner than later, more to come soon
  2. Elementary Report Cards
    1. On the agenda for Summit agenda, union position is that admin needs to just fix it, the report cards don’t work and are not effective for students or parents
  3. 102 subbing
    1. 795 is opposed to 102 members subbing, this is a subcontracting issue
  4. STRS
    1. Dan MacDonald - STRS is considering reducing active contribution rate by 1%, a 1-2% COLA on-time payment, and potentially removing the age requirements for retirement but keeping 35 year work requirement
    1. Julie Sellers, CFT - Running for open seat on STRS board, 795 is collecting signatures to get her on the ballot, petitions will be sent out tomorrow (Jan 21) to begin to collect signatures
    2. February and March Meetings
  5. Other new business
  1. Action Items
    1. Teacher Juneteenth  LOU
      1. Underhile made the motion to approve the teacher LOU for Juneteenth, second by Lausche - Motion carries

             B.     Monitor Juneteenth LOU

  1. Underhile made the motion to approve the monitor LOU for Juneteenth, second by Frost - Motion carries

Meeting adjourned @ 6:00PM