Attacks on workers' rights halted

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UPDATE (April 21, 2015): OFT applauds the House Finance Committee for stopping attacks on workers' rights by removing amendments yesterday. The bill wa approved by the House April 22 without those SB 5-like provisions. 

Join us in thanking the House Finance Committee


Legislators Unabashedly Resurrect SB 5 Attacks on Workers in Budget Bill

Plan seeks to eliminate collective bargaining rights, pension


Ohio Federation of Teachers Statement by OFT President Melissa Cropper

(April 16, 2015) "I am stunned that Ohio legislators would resurrect SB 5 attacks on workers at a time when this state needs to provide opportunities to its people. These SB 5-like attacks, which were rejected by more than 2.2 million voters (61%) are unfair and will only re-energize millions of Ohioans against those legislators who seek to tear people down.

"The substitute budget bill released yesterday includes an amendment to eliminate collective bargaining rights for higher education faculty members, making it illegal for them to have a voice in their work and preventing them from speaking for out for our students. Language in this sub bill is exactly as it was worded in SB 5 to eliminate their collective bargaining rights.

"Attacking workers was a failed strategy for legislators in 2011. These SB 5-like proposals will be met with an intense and loud voice from Ohioans who believe that workers' rights are paramount for all.

"Another amendment also seeks to make it illegal for teachers at charter schools to earn a pension and block their access to health care in retirement. This legislative scare tactic resurrects SB 5-like attacks on charter school teachers by preventing them from participating in the State Teachers Retirement System and School Employees Retirement System. This is a direct attack on efforts to give those teachers a voice. Specifically, it is a direct effort to intimidate and threaten charter school teachers who have been working to secure their voices by forming a union in Cleveland and Columbus.

"This state should be focused on helping its people succeed, creating an environment where families are supported and appreciated, where everyone who works hard has the opportunity to get ahead. Instead, these proposals are aimed at tearing people apart, taking away their rights at work and destroying families and communities."